Beach Time For Warriors

Apr 4, 2011

A new project aims to give combat veterans and their families some rest and relaxation on the beach. Kevin McCabe is one of the founders of the Cape Hatteras Wounded Warriors project. Its main goal is to provide Purple Heart recipients with vacation getaways on Hatteras Island. McCabe says the idea was born out of a desire to give something back to those who have served their country.

"These people do a lot for us," McCabe says. "Some people don't see how, but they do a whole lot for us. You know, it's better to help than complain. And we've got a real caring community here at Cape Hatteras. Everybody's on board. I'm excited. I feel like it's my duty now."

McCabe says Hatteras is an ideal vacation spot for veterans. There are more than 12 military bases within 250 miles of the island. The project is still looking for donations of any kind to help out with rental cottages, meals, and activities like boating and fishing.