B of A Meets With Troubled Mortgage Customers

Oct 14, 2011

Bank of America has set up shop in the Raleigh Convention Center to help homeowners teetering on foreclosure. 

Craig Willis says he’s had a lot of sleepless nights worrying about his house in Burlington.

Craig Willis: " I would just hate to give all that up and have to start over doing it again."

Willis got behind on his house payments in 2008, after losing his job and then a divorce.  Jessica Garcia is a Bank of America events manager.  She says they contacted 19-thousand customers within 150 miles of Raleigh inviting them to talk with specialists.

Jessica Garcia:  "The customers we have invited have typically been, are late on their mortgage 60 days or more."

Garcia says nationwide, their staff has been able to help about one-third of the folks at these outreach events.  Willis was able to cut his mortgage payments and lower his interest rate.

Craig Willis:  "Everything’s worked out now.  I can go home now and kick my feet up, pretty much."