Attorney General Roy Cooper Asks Governor To Veto Voting Bill

Aug 9, 2013

Credit N.C. Democratic Party

North Carolina's Attorney General, Roy Cooper, is taking a very public stance to urge Governor Pat McCrory to veto a recently passed elections law bill.

Among other things, the bill would shorten early voting by one week and require residents to show approved photo identification at the polls.

Cooper's campaign has sent out a mass email to ask people to sign an online petition requesting the governor veto House Bill 589. He says if passed, the legislation would cause expensive litigation and potential confusion.

"I sent the governor a letter myself, I've made public statements, but I wanted to provide a vehicle for people to let the governor know directly that this is a bad idea, and that they'd like for him to stand up and stop this legislation before it's enacted," said Cooper.

Republican legislative leaders who backed the bill said it was designed to eliminate voter fraud, but Democratic lawmakers say it's meant to prevent their supporters from voting.