AmEx Will Close Greensboro Call Center

Jan 20, 2011

American Express plans to close a call center in Greensboro that employs 1900 employees.

Company officials say the decision to close the service center was not based on employees' performance. It's because these days many customers prefer to check their balances and pay bills online rather than calling an operator for help.

The company expects about 400 employees to be reassigned to work from home. Others will be offered jobs at one of American Express' centers in Fort Lauderdale, Phoenix, and Salt Lake City. The company is building a new $500 million dollar data storage center in Greensboro that's expected to employ 50 or 60 people, but its function is as a computer storage facility that will safeguard crucial company information. American Express officials say there will be no layoffs for ninety days so there's time for employees to understand what their options are.