Americans Elect Files For NC Ballot

Apr 11, 2012

A national non-profit group called Americans Elect is working across the country to gain ballot access for the 2012 presidential election. Today the group filed a petition of more than 120-thousand signatures with North Carolina's State Election Board. If certified, Americans Elect will get a line on the November ballot. Dagny Leonard is a spokeswoman for the group.

Dagny Leonard: We've actually already achieved a line on the ballot in 21 states. So North Carolina will be the next one, will bring us to 22, and we're really just trying to open up the political process and allow for more competition in this election.

Leonard says the group plans to use an internet-based nominating process to field a ticket for the 2012 presidential election. Under guidelines set by the Federal Elections Commission, Americans Elect cannot accept funds from candidates or candidate committees.