AIDS Drugs for Low-Income Patients

Aug 8, 2012

Federal money will help get HIV and AIDS drugs to North Carolinians waiting for financial help.

Leoneda Inge: There are about 280 HIV and AIDS patients in the state on a waiting list to help pay for life-sustaining drugs. The state received three-million-dollars from the Health Resources and Service Administration to go toward funding the Aids Drug Assistance Program. Lisa Hazirjian heads the North Carolina Aids Action Network.

Lisa Hazirjian: I think really the most exciting thing about all of this, is that we're starting to see a commitment of public resources to bringing an end to the HIV epidemic here in North Carolina, across the south and throughout the country.

There are 35-thousand people in North Carolina living with HIV and AIDS. More than six-thousand people rely on HIV and AIDS assistance programs to help pay for needed drugs.