Ag Leaders Plan for Next Big Storm

Sep 8, 2011

State Agriculture leaders have come up with a “wish list” for the legislature.  They say the measures will help farmers weather future disasters.

Farmers – mainly in eastern North Carolina – are continuing to feel the wrath of Hurricane Irene.  Early estimates put damage to Agriculture at 325-million dollars.  The state Ag Board met at the fairgrounds yesterday to discuss how to help.  Ag department spokesman Brain Long says one idea is for there to be “bridge” loans available for farmers devastated by a disaster.

Brian Long:  "That might help them with the cash flow that they might need to make it to the next growing year.   When you think about Irene, it struck at such a time that it really eliminated a pay day for a lot of farmers."

Another suggestion is to implement a Relief Fund for Agriculture like funds already set up in Louisiana and Missouri.  Commissioner Steve Troxler is expected to present these suggestions to the legislature next week.