Ag Biotech Summit In Raleigh

Oct 10, 2012

An “Ag-Biotech Summit” gets underway in Raleigh today.  It’s the first gathering of its kind in the state.  It will focus on shaping a new “bio-economy.”

Leoneda Inge:  Gwyn Riddick is the Vice-President of Ag-Biotech at the North Carolina Biotechnology Center.  He says Agriculture and Biotechnology are the state’s biggest industries.

Gwyn Riddick:  Agriculture which is considered to be around $71-billion dollars, that’s with a “B.” And then Biotechnology, at $64-billion.

And Riddick says that’s a good reason to look at the big picture.

Gwyn Riddick:  The idea is that more and more biotechnology can come into agriculture, into that sector to continue to grow that very, very critical sector for food and fuel.

Experts from across the country will present at the summit at NC-State’s McKimmon Center.