After Public Outcry, Greensboro To Implement New Tree-Cutting Rules

Jan 16, 2013

Lawmakers in Greensboro will create a new ordinance following public outcry over trees being cut down by Duke Energy.

Dozens of residents turned out to a City Council meeting this week to share their frustration over what they describe as unnecessary and aggressive tree cutting measures by Duke Energy. The utility company completely cut down about 150 trees in the last few months, prompting public response.  City Council woman Marikay Abuzuaiter:

"We understand Duke Energy needs to trim but we also need for them to respect the way we feel about our trees and do understand there are going to be some trees that need to be cut completely."

Abuzuaiter says an ordinance will aim to protect older trees and outline communication expectations between the company and residents. The new measure will also look at what are the rights and expectation of a resident if a tree is on his or her property. An ordinance is expected in mid-February.