15,000 Tablets To Be Replaced In Guilford County

Oct 25, 2013

Guilford County Schools will get another set of tablet computers after thousands of devices broke.

Credit Jeff Tiberii

The company Guilford hired to outfit the devices has agreed to pay for and replace 15,000 tablets.  Guilford issued the tablets to middle school students, staff and faculty earlier this year. But more than 2-thousand broke and there were also a small number of chargers that overheated and partially melted. Earlier this month school officials recalled all of the devices and the program was put on hold.  

This initiative is funded by a 30 million dollar federal grant. The district had previously hired Amplify a for-profit educational company to obtain devices and outfit them with material. Amplify has now agreed to pay to replace all 15,000 tablets with a different model. At the minimum it will be months before the program resumes and could very well be on a hiatus until next fall.