101 More Arrested In Moral Monday Demonstration; Counterprotest Coming

Jul 16, 2013

Credit David Biesack via Flickr, Creative Commons

RALEIGH, N.C. - About 100 protesters are facing charges for demonstrating outside the North Carolina Senate in the latest of what have become weekly protests against Republican policies.

More than two-thirds of those arrested Monday were women. Organizers focused on women's rights and leadership as legislation that could close most of the state's abortion clinics nears a final vote.

More than 800 people have been arrested at the Legislative Building in expressions of civil disobedience since the "Moral Monday" protests began in April.

A Republican Senate leader said lawmakers will take time to consider the changes made in the House. If senators go along, GOP Gov. Pat McCrory says he will sign it into law.

Republican groups are planning their own rally on Tuesday in support of GOP lawmakers and the governor.