10 Years After Ice Storm, Responders Say Preparation Is Key

Dec 4, 2012

North Carolinians are remembering a paralyzing ice storm that happened 10 years ago today.

About 1-point-8 million people were without power at the storm's height. Residents, businesses and first responders were all at the storm's mercy. Many of them have learned lessons a decade later. Barry Porter of the American Red Cross says mobilizing before any storm is important

Barry Porter: "We have to get our materials and supplies so we partner with government agencies to know which shelters can be opened. Which ones have power ability on their own."

Mike Hughes of Progress Energy says if they know a storm will threaten the power grid..they want to get that word out.

Mike Hughes: "Incorporating social media. We have updates and outage maps on our website people can still access via laptops, etcetera."

Hughes says while many new neighborhoods have underground power lines, most power lines are still vulnerable above ground. That's why he says communication about potential storms is key.