01/03/2018: The biggest European banking regulation since the financial crisis

Jan 3, 2018

(Global Edition) From the BBC World Service ...Today has been dubbed the "Day of the MIFIDs"  in the U.K. — when the biggest changes to European financial regulation since the financial crisis come into effect. So will it actually make investing in Europe safer for consumers? Afterwards, it's the biggest Chinese acquisition that the Trump administration has blocked yet. What's behind the decision to prevent the Chinese internet giant Alibaba from buying the U.S. money transfer service MoneyGram? Then, on New Year's Day, President Trump vowed to cut aid to Pakistan if authorities there didn't stop playing what the U.S. calls a "double game," sometimes helping, sometimes harming U.S. troops. The reaction in Pakistan has been defiant so far, but if the president follows through with action, how will that affect a country that's been reliant on U.S. aid since the 1980s?