Podcasts From WUNC

WUNC Podcasts are ready for you to grab and go.  Our podcasts are available on iTunes, on Google Play and directly from this website.

We offer the following programs and features as podcasts:

  • WUNCPolitics
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      A free-flowing discussion of what we're hearing in the back hallways of the General Assembly and on the campaign trail across North Carolina. The podcast drops most Friday afternoons.

  •     The State of Things, the complete State of Things program delivered by podcast every day.

  • American Songster Radio

      American Songster Radio is a monthly look at the roots of American Popular music. It’s hosted by world renowned musician and folklorist Dom Flemons who playfully refers to himself as The American Songster. 

  • Stories with a Heartbeat

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    A WUNC podcast about the human condition. Host Will McInerney has been traveling the globe exploring conflict and what it says about us as people. This podcast weaves together interviews, sound, music and poetic reflection into 15 minutes that will pull listeners in and encourage them to explore nuanced dilemmas.  Subscribe and get a new installment every other Friday.

The Civilist Podcast With Steven Petrow  Join The Civilist with the Washington Post’s Steven Petrow as he and his guests take on the issues you care about. Petrow’s guests are Red, Blue, and Purple—and his focus is on how to talk together, not who’s right or wrong. He’s determined to make American kind again.