Carol Jackson

Digital News Editor

Carol Jackson has been with WUNC since 2006. As Digital News Editor, she writes stories for, and helps reporters and hosts make digital versions of their radio stories. She is also responsible for sharing stories on social media. Previously, Carol spent eight years with WUNC's nationally syndicated show The Story with Dick Gordon, serving as Managing Editor and Interim Senior Producer.

During her career in media, she has won a number of awards for producing innovative media projects, including numerous EMMY citations and a WEBBY (commonly called The Oscars of the Internet). Previously, Carol served as Director of Educational Production for Maryland Public Television. She grew up in Epsom, NH and attended Emerson College in Boston.  Carol and her family are happy to be in North Carolina – near to her husband's extended family in Smithfield and Apex.


Politics & Government
8:47 am
Fri March 21, 2014

'It Will Look Profoundly Different When My Father Dies' - Nate Phelps, Son, Westboro Church Founder

Nate Phelps, son of Westboro Baptist Church founder Fred Phelps
Credit Nate Phelps

The pastor of the much-reviled Westboro Baptist Church, Fred Phelps, has died at age 84. Phelps' message became synonymous with hatred. The pastor and his family made it a point to carry signs at funerals saying, “Thank God for Dead Soldiers.” They showed up to events with signs that read, “God Hates Fags.”

Nate Phelps is the sixth of Fred’s 13 children. He describes his father as verbally and physically abusive. When he was 18, Nate ran away from home and from religion.

In recent years Nate found himself publicly squaring off with his father and siblings to reverse their legacy of intolerance. He lives in Calgary, Canada, where he has become a public speaker who champions LGBT rights and raises awareness about the connection between extreme religion and child abuse. He is currently writing a book about his life and is the subject of an upcoming documentary. He spoke with Dick Gordon in 2012. The story, "Son of a Bigot," was featured on

Listen to Nate Phelps' conversation with Dick Gordon from 2012:

Here are some highlights of the conversation:

What was your childhood like?

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6:12 pm
Thu March 20, 2014

25 Years Of Merge Records: What A Playlist

Credit Merge Records

Merge Records is celebrating their 25th anniversary this weekend.

Laura Ballance & Mac McCaughan of the band Superchunk founded the label. "When I see pictures about what we looked like and what the bands that we worked with looked like then it feels like a long time," says Mac. "But it did go by quickly. It's gone by fast."

Superchunk is still releasing new stuff. They debuted"I Hate Music" last year.

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Arts & Culture
12:04 pm
Wed March 19, 2014

'Too Much Pork For Just One Fork' And 3 More Great SCOTS Song Titles

Southern Culture on the Skids

Southern Culture on the Skids are Chapel Hill's legendary "bards of downward mobility." If you have no idea what we're talking about, you're in for a treat:

Here's some of our top four favorite song/album titles:

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Arts & Culture
4:06 pm
Mon March 17, 2014

NC Artist Finds Surreal In The Real

New River State Park
Credit Robert Johnson

Our eye was caught by this amazing image recently. It was done by Robert Johnson and is a part of his solo exhibit at the Eno Gallery in Hillsborough.

The exhibit is called Real & Surreal, and the title seems perfect for the type of work he does. Johnson moved to the mountains of North Carolina 40 years ago. He says that the beauty of the natural environment strongly influenced his work.

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2:06 pm
Mon March 17, 2014

'Somehow Mrs. Warner Left Her Mark'

Angela Russell (née Hart) touches the bricks that her ancestors might have touched. Between her thumb and forefinger you can see the fingerprint left on the brick by an enslaved person.
Brenda Scott

WUNC has been running a series called My Teacher. As a part of the series, students around the state are interviewing their teachers.

Brenda Scott is long out of school, but she's been listening to our stories on the radio and wrote to say:

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Arts & Culture
1:53 pm
Mon March 17, 2014

The State of Things In 'Public Radio Bracket Madness'

Credit screenshot of KPCC's graphic

The brackets - the competition, the mayhem. It's not basketball, it's the second annual "Public Radio Bracket Madness."

Last year 32 public radio shows competed...50,000 votes were cast. ...

The final four were:

  1. Fresh Air
  2. Wait Wait Don't Tell Me!
  3. This American Life
  4. Radio Lab

The final round featured Radio Lab and This American Life.

And...the winner was...

This American Life.

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Arts & Culture
5:00 am
Sat March 15, 2014

Jade City Pharaoh - Nietchze’s Spawn (Season 2, Ep. 7)

Jade City Pharaoh
Credit Luis Franco /

In today's episode, Herald Jones is hoping to relax after busting a violent band of radical patriots. Alas, he will face once again the merciless cyborg Anvil Steel. This monstrous machine-man menace gets the Pharaoh's attention when he threatens our hero's friend Henry at Henry's Stop N' Go.

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Arts & Culture
1:49 pm
Fri March 14, 2014

Jade City Pharaoh - Intentions of Patriots (Season 2, Ep. 6)

Jade City Pharaoh
Credit Luis Franco /

Last week, crime-fighting took a back seat to Herald's troubled love life. Now that he's revealed his secret identity to Belinda Goodall, the Pharaoh is back, and there's no time to lose. Right-wing terrorists, filling with Islamophobic hatred are threatening the security of Concrete Falls.

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Arts & Culture
10:52 am
Fri March 14, 2014

Minstrel Music Meets The NC Symphony, Tonight

This is an example of a mInstrel show in the U.S.
Credit ilongga / Flickr/Creative Commons

Saturday March 15 the NC Symphony is working with Grammy winner Rhiannon Giddens in an interesting project. She will be singing traditional, classical/jazz selections. She will also present some of her own material, work that is based on minstrel music. (As you may know, minstrel music was often performed by white entertainers, in black face, for white audiences.)

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Politics & Government
5:38 pm
Thu March 13, 2014

Have Time? You Can Help Search For Missing Airplane Online

The Tomnod interface is very easy to use
Credit Tomnod

"To map the world live is to change it live, before it's too late."

Patrick Meier is an expert in "Crisis Mapping." He's been blogging about a unique opportunity - a place where regular people can help with the search for the downed Malaysian airliner:

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