Mark Jenkins reviews movies for, as well as for, which covers the Washington, D.C., film scene with an emphasis on art, foreign and repertory cinema.

Jenkins spent most of his career in the industry once known as newspapers, working as an editor, writer, art director, graphic artist and circulation director, among other things, for various papers that are now dead or close to it.

He covers popular and semi-popular music for The Washington Post, Blurt, Time Out New York, and the newsmagazine show Metro Connection, which airs on member station WAMU-FM.

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State of Things
10:31 am
Thu October 11, 2012

The Automated Stock Exchange

Buying and selling stock used to be all about people. Increasingly, companies use computers to execute complicated and quick trades on the stock market and some experts worry that these so-called High Frequency Traders could have an unfair advantage in the market. In addition, concerns about how these computerized trades affect market stability are increasingly part of the economic discussion nation-wide.

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State of Things
10:20 am
Thu October 11, 2012

The Malign Hand of the Market

The free market is the backbone of the United States economy, but is it as friendly as the experts claim?

John Staddon doesn’t think so. His new book, “The Malign Hand of the Market: The Insidious Forces on Wall Street that are Destroying Financial Markets and What We Can Do About It” (McGraw-Hill/2012), examines how the free market has been subverted. Host Frank Stasio talks about the free market and how it can be fixed with John Staddon, James B. Duke professor of psychology and professor of biology and neurobiology emeritus at Duke University.

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Science & Technology
5:10 am
Thu October 11, 2012

Duke Professor Wins School's First Nobel

Dr. Robert Lefkowitz
Duke University

Dr. Robert Lefkowitz has won the Nobel Prize in chemistry. He’s a principal investigator and faculty member at the Howard Hughes Medical Institute at Duke University Medical Center. Lefkowitz shares the award with Brian Kobilka from Stanford University. Together, the two men work in the field of G-protein coupled cell receptors. Yesterday was a big day on Duke’s campus.

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Science & Technology
5:00 am
Thu October 11, 2012

$10 M Gift For Poultry Research At NC State

An NC State researcher says a 10-million-dollar gift will mean a stable future for the poultry science program.

North Carolina is one of the nation's leaders in poultry production. Clinton-based Prestage Farms' endowment has given NC State's School of Poultry Science new life.

Mike Williams says, "The concept of poultry science is often hard to sell to new students coming into a program."

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Sean Carberry is NPR's international correspondent based in Kabul. His work can be heard on all of NPR's award-winning programs, including Morning Edition, All Things Considered, and Weekend Edition.

Politics & Government
5:05 pm
Wed October 10, 2012

Gubernatorial Candidates Stump In Greensboro

North Carolina's major party candidates for Governor both spoke at an economic event in Greensboro today.

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