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Politics & Government
4:00 pm
Fri January 18, 2013

North Carolina Buses Leave For Obama Inauguration

The Raleigh-based Martin Luther King Committee has chartered six buses heading to Washington D-C for President Obama’s Inauguration.

The buses will pull out in the morning – leaving from Raleigh, Durham and Charlotte.

Phyllis Coley, the founder of Spectacular Magazine, helped organize the trip.  She will ride the Durham bus.

Phyllis Coley:  "I’m going for the second time, because again, the same way I felt the first time, I don’t think that I will see another African American president sworn-in in my life-time."

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Science & Technology
11:08 am
Fri January 18, 2013

What's Inside The Brains Of Songbirds


Scientists are learning fascinating things by studying songbirds. Sophisticated microscopes are able to see the smallest level of detail in the brain and determine how it changes in response to learning. Researchers at Duke University are using this technology to study the brains of songbirds and determine what implications their findings could have for humans. 

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Science & Technology
11:03 am
Fri January 18, 2013

Can Glowing Mice Save Us From Cancer?

Would you believe us if we told you that glowing mice might be the next step in saving human beings from cancer? Well, Ned Sharpless and his research team are trying to see if that very thing is possible. They have been injecting mice with the enzyme that makes fireflies glow in an effort to improve cancer treatment and detection.

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Arts & Culture
10:57 am
Fri January 18, 2013

Who Says Scientists Can't Be In A Rock Band?

Duo Ellen Stevens, aka Lu Lubenstein, and David Zielinski believe that scientists can do cool work in the lab and rock out on their free time. They make up the music group All Your Science, and together they have released two albums and an EP. When they’re not making tunes, Stevens is a pharmacologist working on cancer research at Duke University and Zielinski works at Duke’s virtual reality lab. Host Frank Stasio talks to them in the studio, and they’ll perform live.


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9:50 pm
Thu January 17, 2013

Duke Researchers Say Economic Segregation in Schools is Rising

A Duke University study finds the state's schools are becoming less racially segregated and more economically segregated.

For decades, race has been the most common measure of school segregation.  But 10 years of observation by some Duke professors shows there is a bigger divide in school populations even if ethnic disparity has leveled off.

Charles Clotfelter teaches law, economics and public policy at Duke.  His team looked primarily at students getting free lunch and found that some counties handled the divide better than others:

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Madhulika Sikka is Executive Editor for NPR News, a role she joined in January 2013. As Executive Editor, Sikka oversees all desks and reporters, and helps set the agenda for the entire News division.