David Brent Johnson is the host of Afterglow and Night Lights.  An Indianapolis native and IU alumnus, David began his radio career at Bloomington community radio station WFHB, where he hosted the weekly jazz program All That Jazz. A writer who’s published frequently in Bloom Magazine, The Ryder, the Bloomington Independent, and Indianapolis Nuvo, he has won two Society of Professional Journalists awards for his arts writing.

Politics & Government
6:17 pm
Thu February 21, 2013

Non-Citizens To Get Different Driver's Licenses

North Carolina driver's license
Credit NCDOT

State DOT officials will issue redesigned driver's licenses later this year that will visually distinguish citizens from non-citizens.   Immigrants here under the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program will notice their licenses will have the words "No Lawful Status" printed on them.  State DOT spokeswoman Greer Beaty says those words will be in a bar across the top that will differ from the blue on a normal license.

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4:46 pm
Thu February 21, 2013

UNC Wants To Make Classes Go Viral

Starting this fall, four of Coursera's 90 online courses will come from UNC-Chapel Hill.
Credit UNC-Chapel Hill

UNC-Chapel Hill will start offering free online classes to the public this fall. The university announced Thursday it's partnering with the California-based company Coursera to provide four massive open online courses, or MOOCs.

"What we're hoping is that what we learn and what we develop through these MOOCs will help to enhance our face-to-face campus-based courses," says Carol Tresolini, vice provost for academic initatives at UNC.

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Arts & Culture
4:20 pm
Thu February 21, 2013

GPAC Gets City Funding But Still Has $40 Million Left To Raise

The Greensboro City Council has allocated $20 million in funding for a proposed downtown performing arts center after months of wavering over what role to play in the venue.  On Tuesday council members voted 6-to-3 supporting the money. If the performing arts center is built, all of that money will be paid back through the hotel/motel tax (pending approval from Guilford County Commissioners) and through ticket surcharges and parking fees.

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Bradley Campbell came to Rhode Island Public Radio from WGBH. In Boston, he worked for The Takeaway as an assistant producer, and as a newswriter for Morning Edition. Before that, he covered the Cape Cod Baseball League for WCAI - The Cape and Island's NPR news station. He's a graduate of the Salt Institute for Documentary Studies in Portland, ME. He completed a fellowship at the Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern University. He got his start writing for the Cleveland Scene and Minneapolis City Pages. Bradley grew up in the rural, logging town of Dallas, Oregon. He likes Stumptown coffee and Bridgestone bikes.

The Story
12:19 pm
Thu February 21, 2013

Growing Up With Anne Frank: Barbara Rodbell's Story

A group of children sit in an Amsterdam sandbox in 1937. Anne Frank is second from left and Barbara Rodbell is second from right.
Credit Barbara Rodbell

In 1933, when Nazi power was surging, Barbara Rodbell's family left Germany for Amsterdam. There, in the Jewish community, Barbara and her sister became good friends with Anne Frank and her family. The Nazis began to round up Jews in Amsterdam and at age 17, Barbara chose to hide in plain sight - to pass as a non-Jew. She took off her yellow star and obtained false identification papers. She connected with a group of resistance activists, and this is how she survived.

Barbara was featured in the documentary Daring to Resist.

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The State of Things
10:12 am
Thu February 21, 2013

Gauging The Reaction To State Of The State Speech

Governor Pat McCrory Delivers State of the State Address
Credit nc.us

Gov. Pat McCrory is the first Republican Governor in North Carolina for 20 years. So, many looked with anticipation to his first State of the State address this past Monday to see what kind of governor he would be.

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The State of Things
9:51 am
Thu February 21, 2013

How Media Consolidation Kills Democracy

Michael Copps
Credit commoncause.org

The gradual consolidation of media companies into the hands of just six corporations is bad for democracy. At least, that’s what former FCC commissioner and chairman Michael Copps thinks.

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7:42 am
Thu February 21, 2013

Duke Researchers: Wounds From Bullying Stick Around For Years

Duke researchers say bullying can lead to anxiety, depression and thoughts of suicide up to 20 years later.
Credit John Steven Fernandez via Flickr / flickr.com

A study from Duke University says adults who were bullied as children are much more likely to have anxiety or depression. 

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Politics & Government
5:19 pm
Wed February 20, 2013

House Passes Tougher Penalties For Meth Producers

State lawmakers in the House have passed a measure that would make it a felony for convicted meth producers to possess pseudoephedrine, a key ingredient needed to produce methamphetamine.

Republican representative Craig Horn says the bill would help the state fight against the illegal drug, which he says is produced in every county across North Carolina.