Hollerin' Contest http://wunc.org en Hollerin' Contest Speaks To Old Way Of Communicating http://wunc.org/post/hollerin-contest-speaks-old-way-communicating <p></p><p>If you ever wondered what a holler was, head on out to Spiveys Corner in the southeast part of the state on Saturday.&nbsp;</p><p>The 45th annual National Hollerin' Contest begins at 11 a.m. with farm demonstrations and a fifteen team barbecue cook-off.&nbsp; Organizers say the hollerin' starts around 4 p.m.&nbsp; Aaron Jackson is chair of the event.&nbsp; He says the generations-old practice was not about yelling or screaming, but about communicating.<br><br>"People really weren't transient.&nbsp; You're born in the area and you kind of tended to stay there," Jackson explains.</p> Fri, 13 Sep 2013 14:14:38 +0000 Eric Hodge 22435 at http://wunc.org Hollerin' Contest Speaks To Old Way Of Communicating 44th National Hollerin' Contest http://wunc.org/post/44th-national-hollerin-contest <p>Over the weekend, folks in Eastern North Carolina belted out their favorite tunes at the 44th National Hollerin' Contest. Asma Khalid reports from Spivey's Corner on this unusual tradition.<br><br><strong>Asma Khalid: </strong>Drive about an hour Southeast of Raleigh, and you'll find Spivey's Corner. It's a tiny town, no post-office, one stop-light. But it's claim to fame is hollerin'. Hollerin' is not yodeling, and it's not calling in the hogs. Folks in Spivey's Corner say hollerin' was a form of communication used in Sampson county long before phones.<br> Mon, 18 Jun 2012 11:15:00 +0000 Asma Khalid 2313 at http://wunc.org 44th National Hollerin' Contest