Emerald Ash Borer http://wunc.org en NC Fights Invasive Beetle With Stingerless Wasp http://wunc.org/post/nc-fights-invasive-beetle-stingerless-wasp <p>North Carolina is releasing wasps to fight an invasive beetle in ash trees.&nbsp;</p><p>Forestry officials say the particular species of wasp is a natural enemy of the emerald ash borer.&nbsp; The beetle was first found in North Carolina earlier this year.&nbsp; It invades ash trees and kills them in two to three years.</p> Thu, 26 Sep 2013 19:26:07 +0000 Will Michaels 23158 at http://wunc.org NC Fights Invasive Beetle With Stingerless Wasp Invasive Beetle Detected For First Time In NC Trees http://wunc.org/post/invasive-beetle-detected-first-time-nc-trees <p>State agricultural officials have <a href="http://www.ncagr.gov/paffairs/release/2013/6-13emeraldashborer.htm">placed a quarantine on firewood from three counties</a> due to a destructive insect infestation.&nbsp; Pest control crews have found&nbsp; evidence of a beetle known as the Emerald Ash Borer for the first time in North Carolina.&nbsp; It makes its home in ash trees and kills them over a period of two to three years.&nbsp; The quarantine applies to any wood products made from ash trees in Granville, Person and Vance Counties.&nbsp;</p><p>Phil Wilson of the state Agriculture Department says the bug spreads by flying from tree to tree or by lumber transportation. Tue, 18 Jun 2013 20:14:38 +0000 Will Michaels 17490 at http://wunc.org Invasive Beetle Detected For First Time In NC Trees NC Prepares for Foreign Beetle http://wunc.org/post/nc-prepares-foreign-beetle <p>An Asian beetle that first turned up in Michigan is threatening to spread to North Carolina. The Emerald Ash Borer arrived in the U.S. about ten years ago. Since then it's spread from the midwest, to most of the states surrounding North Carolina. Brian Haines works for the state Forest Service.<br> Fri, 19 Aug 2011 11:25:00 +0000 Eric Hodge 8222 at http://wunc.org