Wilco http://wunc.org en Wilco's Whole Love http://wunc.org/post/wilcos-whole-love <p></p><p>Alternative rock band <a href="http://www.wilcoworld.net">Wilco</a> is based in Chicago and has a worldwide following, but when they take the stage in <a href="http://www.catscradle.com/schedule">Raleigh tonight</a>, it will be in support of a North Carolina-based nonprofit called <a href="http://farmerfoodshare.org">Farmer Foodshare</a>. The band is donating a portion of its concert merchandise sales to the organization, which collects fresh, local food and monetary donations for hunger relief. Host Frank Stasio talks with Wilco lead guitarist Nels Cline and Margaret Gifford, founder and executive director of Farmer Foodshare, about their partnership to end food insecurity in North Carolina and Wilco’s new CD, “The Whole Love.” Tue, 27 Sep 2011 16:52:00 +0000 Frank Stasio & Lindsay Foster Thomas 8012 at http://wunc.org Wilco's Whole Love