The Resurrection of Nat Turner en Nat Turner's Testimony <p>Author Sharon Ewell Foster has been on the program before to discuss the extensive research she did into a bloody slave rebellion led by Nat Turner in 1831. She pored over court documents that, in the end, contradicted much of what has been recorded about the revolt and Tue, 10 Apr 2012 14:46:00 +0000 Frank Stasio & Lindsay Foster Thomas 5004 at Nat Turner's Testimony The Resurrection of Nat Turner <p></p><p>Author <a href="">Sharon Ewell Foster</a> spent the last five years researching Nat Turner, the slave who led a violent rebellion in Southampton County, VA in 1831. She found that Turner’s ancestors hailed from Ethiopia, that Turner was a man of strong spiritual faith and that there was much to be gained by whites in the Commonwealth of Virginia by painting Turner as a savage villain. Foster’s research led her to create a new series of historical fiction called “<a href="">The Resurrection of Nat Turner</a>.” The first book in that series, “The Witnesses” (Howard Books/2011), has just been released. Wed, 31 Aug 2011 15:51:00 +0000 Frank Stasio & Lindsay Foster Thomas 8075 at The Resurrection of Nat Turner