UNC Board of Governors http://wunc.org en North Carolina A&T Nursing School: Future Uncertain http://wunc.org/post/north-carolina-nursing-school-future-uncertain <p></p><p></p><p>North Carolina A&amp;T's nursing degree program is in peril after the UNC Board of Governors decided to temporarily suspend enrollment.</p><p></p><p>In 2010 and 2011, fewer than 75 percent of A&amp;T's nursing school passed the National Council Licensure Examination on the first try.&nbsp; That could have terminated the program, but the Board of Governors gave the nursing school two more years to get passing scores above 85 percent.</p><p></p> Wed, 23 Apr 2014 12:45:05 +0000 Rebecca Martinez 34289 at http://wunc.org North Carolina A&T Nursing School: Future Uncertain UNC Working To Serve Veterans http://wunc.org/post/unc-working-serve-veterans <p>With major military installations and affordable public higher education, North Carolina is well-suited to take advantage of the high number of veterans looking to attend college. The federal government has spent more than $30 billion on the post 9-11 GI bill since revamping it four years ago – a number that is likely to increase sharply as more military personnel are discharged.</p> Thu, 12 Sep 2013 18:01:11 +0000 Dave DeWitt 22380 at http://wunc.org UNC Working To Serve Veterans UNC Governors' Board Says 'No' To Gender-Neutral Housing http://wunc.org/post/unc-governors-board-says-no-gender-neutral-housing <p></p><p><a href="http://www.northcarolina.edu/bog/members.htm" style="line-height: 1.5;">UNC Board of Governors members</a><span style="line-height: 1.5;"> voted unanimously to cancel a policy allowing men and women to live together on the Chapel Hill campus.&nbsp; The vote nullified the </span>UNC<span style="line-height: 1.5;"> Chapel Hill trustee board's endorsement of gender neutral housing.</span></p><p><span style="line-height: 1.5;">Some male and female students were going to live together in 32 living spaces set aside in two dorms starting this month.&nbsp; But the board of governors said that arrangement would be inappropriate.&nbsp; Chairman Peter Hans says their consideration of the policy included the unfavorable opinions of some state lawmakers.</span><br> Fri, 09 Aug 2013 20:24:26 +0000 Gurnal Scott 20519 at http://wunc.org UNC Governors' Board Says 'No' To Gender-Neutral Housing Folt Elected First Female Chancellor Of UNC- Chapel Hill http://wunc.org/post/folt-elected-first-female-chancellor-unc-chapel-hill <p><span style="line-height: 1.5;">Carol </span>Folt<span style="line-height: 1.5;"> couldn’t’ stop smiling as she waited her turn to address the </span>UNC<span style="line-height: 1.5;"> Board of Governors. Color coordinated with her husband in Carolina Blue, the current interim President at Dartmouth College nearly jumped out of her seat after the Board unanimously voted to make her the new chancellor at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill</span><span style="line-height: 1.5;">.</span></p> Fri, 12 Apr 2013 20:02:01 +0000 Dave DeWitt 13597 at http://wunc.org Folt Elected First Female Chancellor Of UNC- Chapel Hill UNC Board To Elect UNC-CH Chancellor, Discuss Budget http://wunc.org/post/unc-board-elect-unc-ch-chancellor-discuss-budget <p><span style="line-height: 1.5;">It will be a busy week for the </span>UNC<span style="line-height: 1.5;"> Board of Governors. In addition to hiring a new chancellor at </span>UNC-Chapel<span style="line-height: 1.5;"> Hill this Friday, the Board is trying to make its case to the legislature and avoid tens of millions of dollars in cuts.&nbsp;</span></p> Wed, 10 Apr 2013 16:50:13 +0000 Dave DeWitt 13452 at http://wunc.org UNC Board To Elect UNC-CH Chancellor, Discuss Budget UNC Report Acknowledges Fraudulent Classes http://wunc.org/post/unc-report-acknowledges-fraudulent-classes <p>A UNC Board of Governors panel says it agrees with most of the findings from an earlier investigation of academic fraud at UNC-Chapel Hill.<br> Fri, 08 Feb 2013 16:06:07 +0000 Will Michaels 9916 at http://wunc.org Board of Governors, Ross Support Thorp http://wunc.org/post/board-governors-ross-support-thorp <p>The UNC Board of Governors voted today to change the way new tuition revenue can be allocated to need-based financial aid. The new rules allow individual campuses to determine what percentage of tuition revenue can be used to help low-income students. The old policy said 25 % of new tuition revenue had to be set aside for financial aid. The Board also fielded a lot of questions on the future of UNC-Chapel Hill Chancellor Holden Thorp. Thorp has dealt with scandals involving football, the department of Afro and African-American studies, and the school's top fundraiser. Fri, 14 Sep 2012 20:05:00 +0000 Dave DeWitt 1902 at http://wunc.org UNC BOG Investigating Academic Fraud http://wunc.org/post/unc-bog-investigating-academic-fraud <p>A review panel is meeting to take a closer look at how academic fraud at UNC-Chapel Hill was investigated and handled.</p><p><strong>Dave DeWitt:</strong> The five-member panel was created by the UNC Board of Governors. They are meeting today behind closed doors to investigate an academic scandal that involved no-show classes, changed grades, and other improprieties in the African and Afro-American Studies department at UNC Chapel Hill.</p> Wed, 29 Aug 2012 19:21:00 +0000 Dave DeWitt 1789 at http://wunc.org UNC BOG Likely To Change Finanical Aid Policy http://wunc.org/post/unc-bog-likely-change-finanical-aid-policy <p>Last spring, the UNC system voted to allow campuses to once again raise tuition. As part of the last several rate hikes, schools were mandated to set aside at least 25 percent of new tuition revenue for need-based financial aid for low-income students.<br><br>But the UNC Board of Governors will soon decide whether to change that rule. Some Republican members of the Board say the set aside is a “hidden tax” on students who pay full tuition.<br><br>The debate over funding need-based financial aid appears to have a political bent.<br> Wed, 29 Aug 2012 09:30:00 +0000 Dave DeWitt 1790 at http://wunc.org Busy Day For UNC Board Of Governors http://wunc.org/post/busy-day-unc-board-governors <p>The UNC system has a new chair for its Board of Governors.<br><br><strong>Dave DeWitt: </strong>Peter Hans is a UNC-Chapel Hill graduate and a former advisor to 3 U.S. Senators, most recently Republican Richard Burr. Now, he’s the chair of the UNC system’s Board of Governors, with oversight over all 17 member campuses. Hans represents a political shift on the Board. The job has typically been held by Democrats. UNC System President Tom Ross says politics won’t be a factor moving forward.<br> Fri, 15 Jun 2012 19:00:00 +0000 Dave DeWitt 2314 at http://wunc.org Busy Day For UNC Board Of Governors