3:28 pm
Thu October 23, 2014

3 Ways To View The Partial Solar Eclipse This Evening

Partial solar eclipse
Credit T. Ruen / NASA Goddard via Twitter

There will be a partial solar eclipse tonight at 6:00. The eclipse is expected to last about three hours. Such an eclipse occurs when the moon obscures part of the sun.

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3:02 pm
Thu October 23, 2014

McCrory To Coastal Commission: Let's Hear Your Plans

The town of Nags Head nourished its beach in 2011.
Credit Dave DeWitt

Governor Pat McCrory met yesterday in Wilmington with the Coastal Resources Commission. The CRC advises state government on zoning, building, and other issues that affect North Carolina’s 20 coastal counties.

It was the first time the Governor had publicly met with the CRC since the State Legislature overhauled it last year. McCrory and Republican leaders in the General Assembly appointed many new members. Frank Gorham, the current chair, works in the oil and gas industry.

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The State of Things
11:42 am
Tue October 21, 2014

The Price Of Poaching

Corporal Simon Irungu and a platoon of armed guards at Ol Pejeta Conservancy in Kenya watch over four of the last seven northern white rhinos in existence.
Ami Vitale http://magazine.nature.org/features/the-price-of-poaching.xml

For indigenous tribes in Kenya, land is everything. 

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The State of Things
10:41 pm
Mon October 20, 2014

Learn About Fracking From Expert Panel


  Fracking- the process of extracting natural gas from deep below the Earth’s surface- is one of the most hotly debated but least understood practices.  As the state’s politicians weigh the pros and cons of introducing fracking to the North Carolina, experts present their findings. What are the environmental, economic and political factors surrounding this controversial topic?  

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7:47 am
Sat October 18, 2014

NC Wildlife Officials Investigating Latest Red Wolf Death

A red wolf
Credit Joan Lopez via Flickr/Creative Commons

Wildlife officials are looking into what is believed to be the illegal shooting death of a red wolf in eastern North Carolina. 

State and federal officials announced the investigation in a news release Friday.  They say the radio-collared red wolf was found dead of an apparent gunshot wound last month in Tyrrell County.  It's the third red wolf to die this year from a gunshot. 

The first two deaths happened in January and March.  Seven other red wolves have died of other various reasons ranging from natural causes to being hit by cars.

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6:23 pm
Tue October 14, 2014

'Masses' Of Sharks Near Shore On Carolina Coast

Blacktip sharks feed on the coast near Cape Lookout.
Credit Shark Attack News

A series of videos and photos show masses of sharks on the North Carolina shoreline. Two videos posted online this week show what appear to be blacktip and/or spinner sharks in a feeding frenzy near Cape Lookout.

The sharks are further ashore than usual, feeding in just a few inches of water.

Nancy Fish, with the state Division of Marine Fisheries, said it's a migratory season for fish, which can lead to shark activity closer to shore.

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4:18 am
Mon October 13, 2014

A Mighty Wind, But No Offshore Turbines In NC's Immediate Future

At maximum output, the three wind turbines at Jennette's Pier in Nags Head are capable of providing about half of the facility's power.
Credit Dave DeWitt

Whether it’s in the mountains or off the coast, North Carolina has plenty of wind. It also has a lot of land, suitable ports, and infrastructure to become a major player in the industry along the east coast.

But that hasn’t happened.

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4:52 am
Fri October 10, 2014

Offshore Oil Drilling Might Be Coming To Carolina Coast

A ship uses seismic air guns to map the ocean floor.
Credit BOEM

As you are reading this, a ship is very likely miles off the North Carolina coast, mapping the ocean floor. It’s part of a National Science Foundation project that’s using seismic testing, blasting sound waves through the waters.

As early as next spring, the very same controversial process will be used by a different interest: The oil and gas industry will begin looking for places it might want to drill.

This past August, the Obama Administration announced it would begin allowing testing for oil and gas reserves off the Atlantic Coast.

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8:41 am
Mon October 6, 2014

Wilmington Port Wants Deeper Waterways And Bigger Ships

The North Carolina State Ports Authority wants to study the feasibility of deeper water access at the Port of Wilmington.
Credit Wikipedia

The North Carolina State Ports Authority wants to study the feasibility of deeper water access at the Port of Wilmington. 

SPA officials say the request has gone out to the Army Corps of Engineers. 

Laura Blair works for the state ports authority.  She said there are economic reasons for the study.

“What we know now is that other states, our competition if you will, ports in South Carolina and Georgia even ports in Florida are either studying deepening their channels or are actively deepening their channels now.”

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The State of Things
11:57 am
Thu September 25, 2014

A Rising Tide: The Politics Of Sea Level Rise

A map shows how various levels of sea-level rise would impact eastern NC.
Credit Renaissance Computing Institute (RENCI) at East Carolina University


In 2010, the science panel that advises the North Carolina Coastal Resources Commission released a report stating the state should prepare for 39 inches of sea level rise by 2100. 

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