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Learning To Cope With Extreme Narcissism

Nov 27, 2015
Joe Burgo has practiced psychotherapy for more than 30 years and has noticed an increase in narcissism in society.
Kathy Stanford

Note: This is a rebroadcast from earlier this year.

For more than 30 years, Joe Burgo has practiced psychotherapy. In that time, he noticed an increase in narcissism in society.

He sees it in the “selfies” people take or the idolization of celebrities with “me-first” attitudes.

BJ Leiderman composed the theme songs of several popular NPR shows.
Cole and Rian Photography

Note: This is a rebroadcast from earlier this year.

You might not know BJ Leiderman, but there is a good chance you have heard his music.

Encore Broadcast: “Magic Mike” star Joe Manganiello strips away our bad etiquette habits… Artist-musician Devendra Banhart ruminates on art, ritual, and everlasting honey… Grammy-winner Joy Williams (formerly of The Civil Wars) shares a party soundtrack, direct from her Nashville “Night Circus”…The pros and cons of dining with dogs… Nina Simone gets a close-up, from acclaimed documentarian Liz Garbus… Writer Rebecca Makkai asks, what if Bach were one of us? (and we wanted to date him). Plus!

A drawing of a bank bag and money before a Texas flag.
Julienne Alexander / Criminal

Bank robbery is an American criminal tradition, with heists laying the scene for some of Hollywood's most exciting movies.

In this week's Criminal podcast, host Phoebe Judge talks with Clay Tumey, a Houston man who became a real-life bank robber. That's the subject of this week's episode of Criminal, a podcast recorded at WUNC.

Clay Tumey had always been fascinated by bank robber: For him, it was a romantic, exciting crime. His friend Audrey Fernandez recalls Tumey chatting about plans to rob a bank, even as a teenager.

Collards, State Farmers' Market, Thanksgiving
Leoneda Inge

'Tis the season for turkey, sweet potatoes and green bean casserole!

Well, around these parts, many tables may forgo the canned green beans for fresh collard greens.  The sturdy big-leafed vegetable is a staple for holiday meals, especially popular in the South.

The DPD Guide to Thanksgiving

Nov 25, 2015
Lopez, Kristina

Thanksgiving is upon us and since it is technically the biggest dinner party of the year, we thought it would be a good time to revisit a few pieces to help you win your Thanksgiving! You’ll find tips from Bon Appétit, an icebreaker, and a few more turkey day bits. It’s our way of giving thanks to you for listening to us each week.

Sound Opinions Show

Nov 25, 2015

Sound Opinions Show

Nov 25, 2015

From his studio in Memphis, Sun Records founder Sam Phillips was the first to record Elvis Presley, Howlin’ Wolf, Jerry Lee Lewis, and more. Music writer Peter Guralnick joins Jim and Greg for a discussion about the pioneering rock ‘n’ roll producer.

Ionesco, Voodoo and Therapy

Nov 25, 2015
Andy Christie

Michael Rips finds himself undermined by French absurdist theater.

Ava K. Jones is a Voodoo Priestess who loves The New Orleans Saints.

Andy Christie’s relationship with his therapist intensifies.

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Orson Welles directed, produced, co-authored, and starred in 'Citizen Kane,' considered by many as the greatest film ever made.
Public Domain / Wikimedia Commons

The 1941 film Citizen Kane is considered by many to be one of the best films of all time. Its daring subject matter, bold visuals, and unique style made Orson Welles a household name.